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Maximum visibility,
optimum targeting

The support for your special operations

The   100 % legible, 100 % techno, the immersion of the shopper in your product brands. A QR code, a product visual, a trolley, that is the winning trio with which to expand your brands and know everything about your product and current promotions. Accessible thanks to the customer Smartphone.

The   is a book of discount coupons attached to a product visual and fixed to the trolley handle. It is the assurance that the steps of the shopper will be guided towards your product introduction. Transform shopping into a treasure hunt.

40 minutes*
  motivates actual purchasing thanks to optimum visibility
throughout the route taken by the shopper.

Your in-store communication right at your fingertips
The   guides your customer to the foot of your product on the shelf.

A tremendous sales accelerator
A device which creates high shelf traffic and very actively supports the launch of new products.
70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.

A couponing device tailored to your requirements
It enables you to analyse in detail the success of a real time operation.

*Average pass-through time of the consumer

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